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CyberCoach Partners with Microsoft to Disrupt Cyber Education


We are thrilled to partner with Microsoft to enable fully remote and free cyber qualification education for anyone anywhere. 

One of the fastest ways to achieve diversity in cybersecurity is re-skilling through micro degrees. In the next five years, together with Microsoft and other partners, we aim to enable 100 000 new cyber professionals to start their careers through the Microsoft Skills for Job micro degree initiative.

Microsoft Skills for Jobs online courses are not just for students. Together with Microsoft, Atea, Crayon and TietoEVRY, we have designed the courses for people wanting to change their career, for technology professionals wanting to upgrade their skills and for anyone wanting to learn technology skills. Enterprises can offer these courses to their employees to re-skill them.


We have contributed to the Cloud and Cybersecurity Study Program with the Elements of Cloud and Cybersecurity module.

The module comprises six units:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Cryptography and Encryption
  • Network and Device Threats
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Introduction to Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity and Cloud 
"As a company, we are working hard to diversify the cybersecurity industry. I'm personally an active mentor in international programs such as Cyversity and AaltoES. Together with other partners, we are excited to be involved in making this accessible and free micro degree available for everyone. We hope this encourages and helps women and other underrepresented minorities start their careers in cyber."
Maria Bique, CEO and Co-Founder, CyberCoach

It may be difficult to start or change careers into cyber since many qualifications require investment. The online Edukamu study platform is free for everyone everywhere and the courses are available in English. We encourage you to share this and other Microsoft Skills for Jobs courses to help everyone leverage this opportunity.