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CyberCoach and Defcon1 Partner in a Mission to Bridge the Digital Divide in the Brazilian Market 


CyberCoach, a global modern security training solution provider, has signed an agreement with Defcon1, a safety and solutions provider in Brazil. Defcon1 builds partnerships to ensure their customers have the safety and security they need to grow, innovate, and add value to their business.

Defcon1 will include CyberCoach’s complete and automated security and compliance training platform as an important element of their solution offering. CyberCoach complements the traditional safety and security training methods with a new way for employees to understand security and act in a safe way, with natural precaution.


Thiago Botassio
CEO and Founder of Defcon1
“The way how CyberCoach is developed differently, offering modern security training easily available in Teams and Slack, or any browser, is amazing. CyberCoach delivers and trains employees to understand in reality how to, for example, use the information they handle daily at work and in private life. We saw a very intuitive, supportive and encouraging approach in CyberCoach. People are tired of constant monitoring and penalties. With CyberCoach they are empowered, and learn practical skills.”


“Working with Defcon1 is a very important step for us in making security and digital skills available for everyone. We are excited about the opportunity to be able to offer an easy way for responsible organizations to do more to protect their employees, customers and society in Brazil too. “


Maria Bique
CEO and Co-Founder
Defcon1 Wants to Protect Customers by Offering Real-Life Learning Experiences

Defcon1 approach to security does not include just protecting assets and workstations, but there is special focus on protecting information handled by companies. Today information is a main asset for companies, and it is essential to understand how much it costs to lose control of information.

CyberCoach offers chat-based learning, which works very well with all audiences, in any industry and size of a company. Employee skills support a fluent and safer operational environment, encouraging and engaging everyone.

Defcon1 customers come from a variety of backgrounds, different in size and from different industries from finance to automotive, chemical, even education. Defcon1 finds CyberCoach to offer a simple way to help people understand the entire security and privacy landscape.


Alexandre Guaraldo
CSO of Defcon1



“Trainings should not be just mandatory tasks, but increase real understanding. The idea is to use CyberCoach to complement other types of trainings, empowering everyonewith the power to understand the security landscape in practise. Security threats have changed so fast, and attackers and hackers have multiple ways to gain information and access.”


"I love the CyberCoach culture of easy, on time feedback. Training delivered in small chips is easy to absorb, the storyline in each training, comprehensive range of everyday cyber threat scenarios adapting to user skill level and company needs and the comfortable pace of trainings help to understand how to keep information safe.”




Rafael Evangelista
CTO of Defcon1



CyberCoach is a pioneering force in cybersecurity education, striving to reduce the digital skills gap and ensure everyone has the skills to stay safe online. While transforming what cyber education looks like in the workplace, CyberCoach is also committed to building the most diverse cybersecurity software company in the world. Today, the CyberCoach platform helps employees around the world and across industries stay safe, whether they work in the frontline without a desk or in the office.

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Defcon1 is committed to delivering the most modern security and data protection concepts and solutions offered by the best technologies in the market. Defcon1 assist clients in innovating, scaling, and growing without limits, with the protection and security they need, regardless of the size of the threat.

They work with the best technology manufacturers in the market and have a highly specialized, certified and constantly evolving team. Clients have access to the best options for their business and the specialized support of experienced professionals.

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