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CyberCoach is the first psychologically safe security training platform that treats employees like adults

We are a social impact company. Our mission is to reduce digital skills inequality and ensure everyone has the skills to stay safe online. We also want to put a stop to the "manage human risk" approach to cybersecurity. Companies are implementing harmful monitoring mechanisms, as well as continuous testing and risk scoring of employees. We believe this does more harm than good. If we want employees to make informed decisions and protect the organization, we need to build their confidence and make it easy. CyberCoach chat-based scenario training offers an entirely new way to learn, in a safe and anonymous environment. 

Besides coaching employees on the job, CyberCoach also offers training and 24/7 anonymous support for employees to stay safe outside work. Progressive companies are now offering CyberCoach training and support for their employees and their families as an employee benefit. Even kids can play CyberCoach.

CyberCoach is a Finnish-US venture, born global. We combine the Finnish solid sense of collective duty with Silicon Valley-proof software capabilities and drive. We hope to contribute to the collective wisdom of how to build better companies, ​and in the process, a better society.  

Our diversity is what makes our product stand out. We continue to help women and minorities not only start their careers in cyber through our internship program, but also to progress into leadership roles. We also challenge how hyper-growth companies are built. A 4-day work week is just one of their commitments to promote diversity and creativity.  

CyberCoach was founded by Maria Bique (CEO, Business), Teemu Turunen (CPO, Product) and Mikko Toivanen (CTO, Tech). Combined our founding team has more than 50 years of experience in the intersection of tech, security and business. CyberCoach is backed by international investors including Butterfly Ventures, Futurice and Villagecape Ventures.   

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