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Operational Technology (OT) Security Training

CyberCoach provides role-based training beyond IT security for individuals who work with operational technology.

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Get started quickly

Easily select relevant role-based content based on learning objectives. Include topics such as how attackers gain remote and physical access to OT systems and how employees can identify and report OT security threats.

Simple and easy to use

Completing CyberCoach trainings is easy anywhere and on the go. No headphones required.

OT threat actors

Why choose CyberCoach?

Employees who need OT security training may not have their own laptop or even a corporate email address. With CyberCoach, you have the flexibility to deliver training for some employees in Teams or Slack, and others in the browser app.

  • Any Device

    CyberCoach training can be completed on any device, including mobile.

  • No Accounts Needed

    Access to training can be granted based on password or any email, even a personal email address.

  • Role-based training

    Train employees only on topics that are directly relevant to their work.

  • Training in Minutes

    Deliver effective training in minutes (not hours!) so employees can spend their time where it is most productive.

Ready to get started?

See just how easy it is to deliver a complete role-based security and privacy awareness training program for your entire organization.