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Why partner with CyberCoach?

  • You can build your own services on top of CyberCoach. Cash in by easily building proprietary content for your customers on top of everything CyberCoach offers out-of-the-box. 💰💰💰
  • So easy, no one needs training on how to deploy, manage or build new content on CyberCoach. 😌
  • Show your customers you care about our planet. CyberCoach actively promotes a cyber safe society by training and supporting employees to stay safe as citizens, parents, caregivers. CyberCoach also includes training for children (10 years and older) on cybercrime and online safety.
  • Easy revenue. Insane traction. CyberCoach is attractive for customers of all sizes, especially companies with frontline workers and companies that actively use Teams and Slack. 🚀
  • Rewarding, best-in-class Partner Program. No nonsense, guaranteed.

Want to join us on our mission to fight for digital skills equality?

We are now looking for partners to accelerate our journey towards a more fair and safe future for all. 

Are you a...

  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)? 
  • Independent Cybersecurity Consultant?
  • Cybersecurity Consultancy or Product Company?
  • Someone else we should definitely partner with?

We would love to work with you. Let's talk more.


Leave your details here and we'll be in touch. 

Our Partners:

badrap io