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Secure Development Training with CyberCoach

Go beyond OWASP Top 10. Meet ISO/IEC 27001 or SOC 2 requirements for secure development practices with no-nonsense training for your developers and other technical roles, directly in Microsoft Teams or Slack chat. 


Coding Practices 

The secure coding practices module coaches developers the skills necessary to write secure code, including input validation and error handling, minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities and exploits.


Access Control 

This module covers the principles of authentication, authorization, and session management. Ensure your developers are equipped to implement secure access control mechanisms that protect your applications.



With CyberCoach cryptography training module, your developers will learn how to implement cryptographic techniques to keep sensitive data secure, and properly manage keys to prevent unauthorized access.


Database Security

Protect your company's sensitive data with CyberCoach's database security module, which covers secure data storage, file uploads, and serialization and de-serialization best practices. With our database security module, your developers will learn how to implement robust security measures to protect your company's valuable data.

NEW IN: Secure Development and Operations (SecDevOps) Training



Technical Data Protection and Privacy

This module delves into data masking techniques, designed to shield confidential information from prying eyes while maintaining operational integrity. 

secure architecture

Secure Architecture, Principles and Requirements

Covering secure system architecture and engineering principles, application security requirements, and technical vulnerability management, this training module teaches the skills necessary to design, implement, and maintain resilient and secure systems.

secure dev process

Secure Development Process

Discover essential practices for building secure software. This comprehensive training module covers secure coding, separation of environments, and security testing, equipping your technical team with the skills needed to enhance the integrity and resilience of your applications. 

secure system and solution management

Secure System and Solution Management

Cover essential topics including configuration management, supply chain management, and change control, empowering your team to maintain the integrity and security of your systems throughout their lifecycle.

Why CyberCoach for Developers?

Automate a rewarding training program for developers and technical roles that fast tracks those who already have the skills. 

  • No Nonsense

    Don't bore your techies with videos. Don't waste their valuable time in training that just ticks boxes. With CyberCoach, developers learn the skills they need directly in Teams or Slack chat. 

  • Comply with Standards

    Compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 or ISO 27001  requires a secure development policy. Keep your developers updated with your policy and related instructions with CyberCoach. 

  • All Skill Levels

    CyberCoach allows know-it-alls to skip training by proving their skills with quick tests. Training is quick for beginners too. 

  • Cover all Bases

    CyberCoach Tech Track for Developers covers everything from basic cyber hygiene to advanced threat scenarios and secure development best practices. 

  • No Focus Shifting

    Let your developers focus on their work and choose when they do training. CyberCoach does not interrupt work or force training at busy hours. 

  • Always Fresh

    Forget about having to keep your training content updated and relevant. We'll take care of that. 

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