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Finnish National Opera and Ballet finds new ways of increasing security awareness with CyberCoach

Pictures: Veikko Kähkönen / Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Finnish National Opera and Ballet creates opera and ballet performances and other events, with a history dating back to 1911. Through visiting performances, school operas, recordings and live, television and radio broadcasts, the experiences can be enjoyed everywhere around the world, reaching an audience of about 2 million every year. The Ballet School of Finnish National Opera and Ballet also provides wide-ranging education of the highest standards for tomorrow’s professional dancers, serving the needs of both Finnish National Ballet and international dance arts.
A Diverse Responsible Workforce 

Finnish National Opera and Ballet employs 550 people from 32 countries, including 53 opera singers, 88 dancers, 111 orchestra musicians and a wide variety of highly skilled artisan professionals from cobblers to metal workers, complemented with a considerable number of Finnish and foreign guest performers.

Consideration, implementation and promotion of diversity and equality within the work community, audience, and productions is highly on the agenda. Continuous and improving responsibility for personnel and well-being of society and environment are at the core of the values for Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

"Security, and especially cybersecurity, is an essential element of today’s work and our environment. The role of employees in ensuring organizational information security is absolutely crucial today. We are building a security culture and mindset within our employees to ensure proactive thinking. CyberCoach administration and configuration is very easy, and we can use it in an existing working environment in Teams. Special thanks to our account manager Juulia, who has always been helpful to meet our needs."

Antti Aarnio
Responsible for IT security and infrastructure

Safety and security are grounded deeply in the operational culture and mindset throughout all roles at Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Whether you work in office tasks, or meet customers at the cloakroom, everyone has a responsibility for safety. Cybersecurity has become more important with modern hybrid ways of working. Employees are mostly provided with company devices, but as it is natural today, they can use their own devices for some functions.


Petra Tarkiainen
Responsible of systems and projects

"I was happy to learn that the CyberCoach topics are not that easy, many scenarios are even clever and pedagogically good, encouraging to reflect into our real life. Lectures are always a bit challenging, and with CyberCoach I believe we have engaged people to think deeper into security topics.”

The fundamental benefit of CyberCoach has been the strong emphasis on helping people assess situations independently, and learn to question risks in their daily life, not only at work but also in private life. Most employees have found CyberCoach to be more meaningful than mass lectures, with the freedom to choose when and where to learn. 

“I started using CyberCoach immediately when it came available, since cybersecurity matters are very relevant in my everyday work. I think it is an interesting new way of learning, comprehensive and challenging. You can’t just click through the training, but you really need to think, and that made the learning experience motivating. It was also useful to learn about topics I might not need at work, but might be useful in private time, such as travel security. Based on the training, I have actually told my family and friends about the risks related to using public USB-ports.”

Tomi Vekki
Project manager in production planning system renewal


Anna Suomela
Front of house services, responsible for customer facing roles and general security during performances

“I was impressed how easy it was to learn with CyberCoach, and I actually got hooked in it and did it fully in one session! It is very refreshing to see how training can be based on one’s own thinking and I really believe this way of learning results in more efficient adaptation. I also really like the continuity in trainings. We need to train our people on new threats and refresh existing skills at regular intervals. With CyberCoach I can think of making the trainings available to my entire team, since I can choose the topics relevant to their job with tailored learning paths.”
Picture: Mikko Ryhänen / Finnish National Opera and Ballet



Dana Paredes

Communications & Operations Officer



Antti Aarnio

Leading IT Specialist