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Modern Security Training that
Makes the World a Better Place.










Why CyberCoach?

CyberCoach offers a complete and automated security and compliance training program that makes a difference for your business, employees and for our society. 

In Teams and Slack, or any browser.


  • Psychologically safe

    Learning with CyberCoach is anonymous until users are happy with their score and choose to record them. No secret monitoring or profiling. No extra training as punishment from mistakes.

  • Modern Work (Culture)

    Coach your employees to think for themselves and keep them updated on relevant latest hybrid work threats. You can't come up with a rulebook that covers every situation. Even if you could, you wouldn't want employees to follow it blindly. 

  • Real (Social) Impact

    Digital skills inequality is a serious threat to our future. Train your employees to protect themselves and people they care about from disinformation and cybercrime. Employees are much more motivated to learn skills that also protect your business, when these skills allow them to keep their families and society safe.

"Good luck guessing your way through these. Even I failed the CyberCoach Skill Test."
Anonymous CISO, Deep Tech Company
"CyberCoach is super easy to implement in use as it is tightly integrated into Teams. Training scenarios are based on real-life experiences and actual threats. CyberCoach is pretty unique."
Timo W., Information Security Manager
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Plans & Pricing

Subscribe below and try CyberCoach for free for 7 days. CyberCoach for Teams is also available directly through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

Bigger business? 😎

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