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AI Security Training

CyberCoach can help you easily and quickly roll out a configurable and customizable complete role-based training program for AI security and privacy. Directly in Teams, Slack or any Browser.

Why choose CyberCoach for your AI security training needs?

Always Updated

AI tools are developing rapidly. CyberCoach training content is updated monthly, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Privacy Included

CyberCoach AI training includes both cybersecurity and data privacy learning objectives. We also offer the most employee privacy-friendly learning platform out there.

For All Skill Levels

Offer training for all skill levels that lets skilled users take tests instead. Don't waste a minute on training that is not useful.

CyberCoach Gen AI training in Slack

Get Started Free

Try CyberCoach in Teams, Slack or Browser for 7 days with up to 5 users.

Building an AI Security Training Program?

Check out our AI Security Awareness Training Checklist and Best Practices.
Or book a free 30-minute demo and consultation.