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CyberCoach helps Finnfund Create Positive Impact with Modern Security Training

Finnfund stands out as a development financier and impact investor with a mission to create a sustainable future and generate lasting impact by investing in businesses that solve global development challenges. Their investments focus on businesses that tackle critical issues such as renewable energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, financial institutions, and digital infrastructure and solutions. With CyberCoach, Finnfund has been able to secure their modern digital work environment as well as create a positive impact for employees and their families. 
"The industry we operate in attracts attention from cyber criminals. Our sector's operations and customers involved add complexity to the cybersecurity landscape. Today's working life, with people using the same devices at work and in private life while traveling, adds an extra layer of risks. We recognized the need for an engaging tool to educate employees about different risk areas in everyday life. CyberCoach is a smart, personalized mentor that ensures all employees have the necessary skills."
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Vesa Jordan
Chief Technology Officer at Finnfund
Building a Secure Digital Environment fit for modern hybrid work

CyberCoach and Finnfund have a long history of cooperation. CyberCoach has effectively complemented Finnfund's training efforts, providing a psychologically safe platform for learning and 24/7 support for employees.

In return, Finnfund has provided valuable feedback from the beginning of their CyberCoach journey, helping CyberCoach continuously improve the platform.

Finnfund has made safety awareness spread throughout the company in an operating environment with special risk areas. Finnfund office are located in Helsinki and Nairobi, and their employees travel a lot to developing countries. This international working environment creates special technical and operational risks to address.

Investing in employee cybersecurity and digital skills has benefited the company, employees and their families, customers and stakeholders. 

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Harri Helokangas
ICT Specialist at Finnfund
"I've been in IT my whole career, seeing cybersecurity become more important all the time. User skills have become crucial, and that's where CyberCoach helped us a lot. Impressively over 95% of our employees have completed most of the training modules in a short time. This participation rate is commendable and surpasses many other training programs. The average rating for the first five active months is 4 out of 5, which we consider good. It’s also great IT administrators can track overall progress without compromising privacy and anonymity of the employees."

How has CyberCoach made a difference for Finnfund? 
CyberCoach has equipped Finnfund employees with crucial real-life skills, both at work and beyond. It has also coached them to protect their loved ones.  
CyberCoach has reduced Finnfund's need for in-house security training. The constantly developing CyberCoach content has enabled Finnfund to easily communicate and update employees on evolving security threats.

Gamified learning has increased involvement and training completion. CyberCoach has also added fun and productivity to work commutes and travel. On a recent away day, the entire organization played CyberCoach in transit. 

“Every day at my work I see how crucial different technical and security skills are. CyberCoach helped me learn more about security and how cybercriminals can target anyone. The training was fun, and I loved playing the role of a criminal! CyberCoach is intuitive, gamified, and supportive - it's easy to get hooked on it from the start.”


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Taru Hoikka
Back Officer at Finnfund


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Suvi Lähdevuori
Systems Developer at Finnfund
"My transition from business to IT opened my eyes to the significance of security. Nowadays, every job needs some cybersecurity know-how. We all need to know how to shield ourselves. As we learn and discover new threats, it's everyone’s responsibility to share knowledge to prevent others from falling into the same traps."

Dana Paredes

Communications & Operations Officer


Valpuri Mäkinen

Communications & Marketing Manager