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Make a Difference with CyberCoach

CyberCoach is an easy way for responsible organizations to do more to protect their employees, customers and society.





Our society is becoming more and more divided.

An increasing digital divide is fueling a growing socioeconomic divide. Disadvantaged individuals are at risk, along with the organizations that they work for, and the society that we all live in. Some people are being influenced and even radicalized by disinformation. Elderly are disproportionately at risk for fraud. Parents are unknowingly uploading data about their children that will affect their future in ways we cannot even predict.

Everyone needs digital skills, but not everyone has access to security training.

Companies can make a difference by coaching their employees to become cybercoaches for children, senior citizens and others. Choosing CyberCoach to coach employees at work, but also as individuals, and as cybercoaches for their close ones, builds a safer society for us all. The most vulnerable individuals in our society can only be reached by people they care about.

Join us on our mission to bridge the digital divide and make employee cybercoaching a part of your social impact program. 💜

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