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There are a lot of awareness training platforms out there. How are you different?

CyberCoach treats employees like responsible adults capable of making informed decisions. Our approach to security awareness training goes beyond teaching simple rules. CyberCoach builds employees' self-efficacy and confidence in their cybersecurity skills. Through interactive coaching and personalized guidance, we empower individuals to evaluate risks, make informed decisions, and respond effectively to potential threats. 

CyberCoach is a chatbot. People hate chatbots. Why would people use CyberCoach?

Why do people use LLMs like ChatGPT? It's intriguing, and easier for humans to ask bots rather than humans. Because CyberCoach is a chatbot, we can leverage the effectiveness of interactive scenario-based training combined with dialogic learning. (Dialogic learning is just an academic way of saying learning through discussion, rather than just receiving information.)

How do I see who my high-risk users are?

CyberCoach doesn't do any profiling of users, because this would discourage them from completing voluntary training and seeking advice proactively. You will see analytics about potential security incidents employees are not reporting, which enables you to take action to mitigate those unknown risks. 

We have a training need that may not be currently covered by CyberCoach. How can I add custom training content to CyberCoach?

You can configure custom quizzes yourself. For custom scenario game needs, just reach out. We are also constantly developing our training library, and if it's a training others could find useful, we will develop it quickly at no extra cost.

Where will our data go?

We host all of our data within our secure Microsoft Azure cloud in the EU region. 

Will you sign our DPA (Data Processing Agreement)?

Depends on your agreement. Most likely it won't be needed, as we only process pseudonymous personal information about your employees. We cannot identify users, since we only know them by random alphanumeric identifiers. 

Can I buy CyberCoach only for some users, for example, the developer training only for my dev team?


I'm currently locked in with another security training vendor until [insert timeframe]. Is there any way we could get started with CyberCoach sooner?

Yes! Just reach out, in most cases we are able to be flexible during the overlapping time period.

I don't have a company credit card. Can I subscribe with invoice? 

Yes. When you transact through the Microsoft Marketplace or AppSource, CyberCoach is added to your Microsoft invoice. Reach out if you'd like to purchase CyberCoach for Slack through an invoice.

Can I subscribe for more than a year at a time?

Yes! And there's a discount for doing so. Contact us for an offer.




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