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CyberCoach Enhances Security Awareness at POP Bank Group



The POP Bank Group is a Finnish financial group that offers retail banking services for private customers and small and medium-sized companies. POP Bank Group's history dates to 1997, although many of the member banks have been operating for more or less 100 years. In the beginning of 2024, POP Banks had 70 branches and service points, serving 256.500 customers.

Continuous Improvement of Information Security and Promotion of Secure Banking

POP Bank focuses strongly on the banking business, valuing customer orientation, profitability, bold renewal, responsibility and speed. Security is embedded in all parts of the strategic operating environment, especially in relation to the digital services that bring flexibility to the customers’ daily lives.

Continuous work to prevent fraud, improvement of information security and promotion of secure banking requires vigilance and preparedness. POP Bank Group trains regularly their employees to recognise various scam-related phenomena and how to coach all customers in how to act safely. For the staff trainings, POP has used CyberCoach, complementing the variety of other type of learning such as specialist training sessions.

CyberCoach Offers a Low Threshold Option for Learning

Matias Kuoppala is an Information Security Specialist with an Interdisciplinary education background, combining technical and business skills. Together with the good co-operation with his team and the engaged feedback from active users, CyberCoach functionalities have been developed and improved over time. POP Bank satisfaction among users has been over 4/5 throughout the usage period.

Feedback received from POP Bank Group employees: 

  • "The friendly style of the training is a pleasant change from the training sessions we've been used to. Thank you for that!"
  • "This was a well-structured and fun training."
  • "Really tough questions, magnificent set."
  • "The trainings' length was perfect to complete it all at once. All in all, an interesting and nice concept."


"We have a huge responsibility over our customers and their data. We need to secure our services always work, securely, and that our customers are safe. It is also essential all employees have a good understanding on security in all processes. We want to safeguard our customers by recognising security concerns early and preventing criminal activity from happening in the first place.”
"CyberCoach is a motivating and engaging training solution, as it explains concrete situations where security concerns can arise. The psychologically safe environment and the easy flexible access to CyberCoach lowers the barrier for our employees. This helps reduce uncertainty concerning security threats and facilitates the development of our security culture.”



Dana Paredes

Communications & Operations Officer



Maija Hyötyläinen