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Let's do good together.

Together we can help a non-profit protect their employees and volunteers.

We are giving away CyberCoach for 1-5 non-profit organizations for one (1) year for up to 500 users.* Available for Microsoft Teams, Slack or through a browser. The winning non-profits will gain access to all training content and features. This will enable the winning organizations to offer 24/7 anonymous support and training in workplace, personal and family security to all users.

With CyberCoach, responsible organizations can coach their people to protect both their business and society. We can all be CyberCoaches for those we care about. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone has the needed skills to stay safe online. 

You can also nominate your own non-profit. 

Submit your nomination by Dec 31st in two steps:

  1. Share the giveaway on your choice of social platform. This helps more non-profits learn about the giveaway and allows us to verify all nominations are from real persons. It's also an opportunity for you to thank them for the difference they are making. 
  2. Fill out the form, include the link to your post and click "Submit". 
    We ask for details about you only to ensure nominations are from real persons. 
 The winner will be announced during January. 🏆

Nominate a non-profit

By clicking "Submit" you consent to your information being used for processing your nomination. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose or sell it. 
Thank your favorite non-profit and share the giveaway.
*Disclaimer: We reserve the right not to select a non-profit as a winner if their values or activities conflict with our ethical standards, regardless of the number of nominations received.