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CyberCoach Provides the Insights You Need to do Better

Gain uniquely useful insights that enable measuring and leading an effective security awareness program, without sacrificing employee privacy.

Each CyberCoach micro-training teaches specific skills. The CyberCoach Admin App shows what your employees know and what they don’t.

Main features:

  • Actionable Insights into Security Awareness and Culture as well as Suspected Security Incidents. Combining CyberCoach Training Performance with Suspected Incidents Data allows you to systematically develop your Human Firewall.
  • One App for training Employees Information Security, Data Privacy, Workplace Safety and Code of Conduct. Covering regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS. 
  • Role-Based Learning Paths: Tracks for All, Developers and People Leaders.
  • No new apps. Everything works in Microsoft Teams and Slack. Or in the browser. CyberCoach can be integrated with other platforms and pages too, challenge us!
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