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Learning Flow Headhunted

Learning with CyberCoach puts Employees First

Online security and privacy require more and more skills and resources. CyberCoach equips employees with these important skills at work and beyond, as well as coaches them to protect those they care about. Employees can safely and anonymously make mistakes in trainings and get help even with embarrassing off-work issues. Employees see all their data and are in full control of what is shared with others in the organization.

Security Awareness Training Scenario Games in CyberCoach take only minutes to play through, and they adapt to user skill level. CyberCoach scenarios span a comprehensive range of everyday cyber threat scenarios including: social media phishing, shoulder surfing, disinformation, travel security, file sharing gone wrong, "zoombombing" and ransomware. List goes on! In most of the scenarios, the user plays the role of the victim of the cyber attack, learning how to prevent attack and minimize its impact. In more advanced scenarios, the user gets to play the cybercriminal and learns first hand how cybercriminals think and attacks unfold.

Learning cybersecurity with CyberCoach is rewarding, fun for many and practically useful for most. There's no end to learning, as new modules are continually released.


Focus on Real-Life Skills

CyberCoach training games focus on coaching employees to take correct action through a continuously evolving and comprehensive library of real-life threat scenarios. No useless gimmicky word play or terminology questions. ❌

Interactive scenario training with CyberCoach in an anonymous safe space is an effective alternative or complement to email phishing simulations. 4 in 5 employees say they learn new, useful skills with CyberCoach awareness training. The rest can prove their skills through taking quick skill tests to avoid wasting time taking trainings they do not need. 

Why sit everyone through the same training, when you can offer training that is role-relevant and adapts to employee's skill level?